How Many Species Live in Your Belly Button? The Future of Discovery

Terry Irwin declared, “We all wake up in the darkness of our own ignorance.” Rob Dunn retorts, “With the tools we have now, we can learn more than we ever could before.” We are experiencing generational change in how we view our world. Instead of insisting we can accurately capture existence in finite terms, it has dawned on us that there is so much more to discover than we ever could have imagined. The future of discovery (and education) is asking questions and not worrying where the answers lead us. As a writer and evolutionary biologist, Dunn studies the life inhabiting proximal frontiers: adult humans, bacteria in belly buttons and guts, fungi in houses, and ants in backyards. To learn is to explore beyond our current limited understanding, even right on and around us, and contribute to a greater collective knowledge which deepens and expands with each new answer. The future of discovery is now.

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