Wanted: More Gutsy Leaders to Drive Schools into Digital Age


Reposted from the Hechinger Report:

“Educational technology, for all its potential, is riddled with glitches and start-up pains, especially when you’re among the first to trade pencils for tablets. Yet some pioneering school leaders insist that thrusting schools into the digital Petri dish is imperative for students’ success.

These leaders — like Middletown, N.Y. Superintendent Ken Eastwood — risk upsetting staff, parents and budget watchdogs by following their conviction that technology can help teachers target learning and help students master basic skills. They forge ahead, piloting programs, building digital curriculums, enabling enthusiastic teachers and dragging the reluctant ones into the new age.

Eastwood “eats, sleeps and breathes vision,” a colleague says. Hate him or love him, no one in the Middletown Enlarged City School District can deny his success: a 24-percent boost in graduation rates from his arrival in 2004 to 2013, and higher elementary and middle school scores, too, according to state data and a validation study.”

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