We Must Start Considering What Achievement Really Is And How to Universally Assess It


Reposted from Starr Sackstein’s Blog:

“We must start considering what achievement really is and how to universally assess it, so that mastery level is something we all understand – no longer an arbitrary number or letter, but a reproducible skill evident to all witnesses based on the standards necessary to forward movement.

We need to do a better job of helping kids succeed, rather than rejoicing in their inability to jump through hoops. There can no longer be one right way to show proficiency and mastery of learning and no set time limit to achieve it.

We can all agree that people come in different shapes and sizes, with different learning styles, strengths and challenges, so why should we use one antiquated approach to report what they know?

Education must embrace that equity has little to do with justice and everything to do with meeting needs. If we universally support a deeper awareness of standards based learning, grades will actually mean something substantial.”

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