I Don’t Want to Fix the Norm…I Want to Transform

I Don't Want to Fix the Norm...I Want to Transform

In a discussion this morning with Mark Weston @ShiftParadigm and Rusul Alrubail @RusulAlrubail on education reform, we were exploring different possibilities from modifying what is already in place to disruption to innovation and an entirely new system. Each of us brought valuable insight to the discussion, and as it progressed we came to the point of discussing what is currently the “norm.” My response? “I don’t want to fix the norm…I want to transform!” The discussion continues and I am thoroughly enjoying participating and learning from it. But my question to you is this. When you discuss education reform with colleagues, for what are you really advocating? Modifying what exists? Retrofitting new ideas into current institutions? Completely reinventing public education to meet the needs of our quickly-changing society? Whatever it is, be clear in your own mind and in the minds of those you engage; it’s the only way to move the dialogue forward. If we are all talking about different things unwittingly with colleagues, we’re simply talking for the sake of being heard. Talking is great, but I want to actually see the envelope pushed as a result of our efforts!

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