Personalization, Not Standardization

Personalization, Not Standardization

There is a disconnect in public education, between how we best serve students and how we comply with administrative policy and bureaucracy. Standardization goes against everything we know about learning and the burgeoning knowledge economy, and differentiation will soon not be enough. The future of education lies in personalization. Technology is making it possible…are you?

3 thoughts on “Personalization, Not Standardization

  1. Angela Doody says:

    My school district has started to used common assessments in the classroom. That means all ninth grade English teachers, for instance, have to give the same unit tests and writing assignments. I think this crushes teacher creativity and initiative.

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    • Angela I agree! It also fosters comparison and competition between colleagues, threatening collegiality and collaboration. As one colleague said to me years ago, “I like you having your job, but I like having my job better”!


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