A Matter of Choice

Sheri thank you so much! Nothing is more edifying than knowing hearts and minds resonate together in the sharing of our ideals and aspirations!

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Walter McKenzie wrote one of the best blog posts yet on education reform, which is cross-posted at ASCD’s Whole Child Blog.

He says:

This equation shows how far we have strayed from public education’s original focus: to prepare children to be responsible, contributing citizens to our democracy. Instead of modeling democratic principles, our schools have become authoritarian, prescribing standards and outcomes with one small range of right answers and one summary definition of success. We are literally training our next generation to think and lead by principles that are antithetical to the intellectual, emotional and social skills and values essential to our democracy. If students do not embrace diversity, equity and respect for differences, they will not be prepared to meet the challenges of our country’s future.

I cried when I read this because if we don’t educate for democratic values, our democratic republic will be lost.

Walter reminds…

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2 thoughts on “A Matter of Choice

  1. Thanks, Walter. Aspirations come before Actualization — and they are our potential. Let’s continue to spread and stand up for a more positive, hopeful, and challenging education system.


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