Say What Again??

I agree with you completely, Joyful Latin!

Joyful Latin Learning -- Tres Columnae

On the way to school yesterday morning, I “just happened” to hear this piece on NPR about a successful restorative justice program in a school in Houston.  I wondered what Ms. X and Mr. Y would make of that!  Sitting in a circle, listening to each other, coming to understand and empathize with each other, and (quite often, it seems) really changing your behaviors and attitudes as a result … Ms. X and Mr. Y have never heard of such a thing.   “They,” as a colleague said at lunch the other day, “want to be treated like adults, but They don’t want the responsibility.”  That Colleague also firmly believes some advice he received as a new teacher: “These Kids are likeable, but you can’t trust any of them.”

Say what?? was my first thought once again.  What a bleak, bitter world it must be if you can’t trust anybody

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